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Farmers Save the Day After Shipping Delay

Burkina Faso Reported by Convoy of Hope

Shipping delays due to COVID-19 and other factors have changed the way we live. Some impacts of the global shipping crisis are a small inconvenience. Others decide whether a child has something to eat. 

In recent months, Burkina Faso has experienced serious delays in their supply chain. So much so that Convoy of Hope’s regular shipment of meals to feed children was stuck in transit. For kids enrolled in Convoy’s feeding program, the food they receive is often the most substantial meal they will eat in a day. Not feeding the kids in our program is not an option. 

Farmers trained by Convoy of Hope stepped in and brought that solution from their own fields. Prompted by the training they received from Convoy, the local farming collective donated 10% of their harvest to help toward the Children’s Feeding program in their area. 

And for the next month, thousands of children didn’t miss a meal.


Breaking the bonds of poverty happens in numerous ways. Avoiding disaster by banding together and using their own resources to feed children in their community is just one — but very powerful — example.


Thank you so much for volunteering your time to @ConvoyofHope! What a blessing!